Badges to monitor access to an airport extension construction site


INSO opted for the all-in-one Badgy200 solution for printing access control cards on site.


For more than 40 years, Italian construction company INSO has been carrying out construction works of general interest to the public, not only in Italy, but also around the world. The company was looking for a solution to control the access of the various employees to the site for its project to extend and modernise Aimé Césaire international airport in Martinique.


The extension and modernisation of an international airport means major construction works, requiring the involvement of multiple companies on the same site. INSO, the project's lead subcontractor, had to find a solution in order to physically control access to the site for the employees of its own company, but also for the project’s co-contractors. Ms Billard, HSE Manager (Health, Safety and Environment), opted for the all-in-one Badgy200 solution for printing access control cards on site.

More secure access to sites


INSO has a Badgy200 printer. When these access badges were put in place, 90 cards were issued for all those involved in the Martinique airport expansion project. Each badge is printed on the front and in colour with:

  • The employee’s first and last name
  • Their job title
  • Their photo
  • The name of the company that employs them – their status on the site
  • A barcode
  • And the employee’s area of intervention

The use of these cards made it possible to secure access to the site through a dual control: visual with the employee's photo, and electronic with the barcode, which is very easily printable with the Badgy solution.

Badgy200, an affordable and efficient solution for construction site access cards


Ms Billard is completely satisfied with the implementation of this solution, which includes a card printer, Evolis Badge Studio+ badge creation software, and consumables: a colour ribbon and 100 PVC cards.

“We needed a physical access control solution for this project. Badgy is a low-cost and efficient card printer that met all our expectations!"

Ms Billard, HSE Manager (Health, Safety and Environment)


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