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Make your premises secure by identifying your staff and patients with professional healthcare badges

Badgy’s all-in-one packages have everything you need to ensure that all your badges are of the highest quality and reflect the professionalism of your establishment and its employees.

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Easily create your health professional cards and badges

Highlight the quality of your healthcare services with professional cards

Patients are often searching for a reliable medical organization that will provide a professional service according to their needs. Offering ID cards for medical staff and patients or information labels for your medical devices allows you to provide a first layer of reassurance and to highlight your professionalism.

Easily identify your healthcare staff to ensure secure access to your facility or for home visits

It is important for patients to be able to quickly identify the health professional with whom they are speaking.

A fully-customizable health professional ID badge provides simple, effective, and reassuring visual identification for patients and their families. 

Manage access and scheduling in your organization, with a barcode or a QR code for each employee.

By choosing Badgy’s all-in-one solution, you can create all your own healthcare cards according to your needs and your workforce.

make an appointment with a doctor with the Badgy patient identification badge

Take advantage of a durable and hygienic means of identification, adapted to the constraints of the healthcare sector

Badgy allows you to print badges on plastic cards. This format offers many advantages in the medical field. Plastic cards are durable and resistant to the intense use that they can undergo. They are easily washable and ensure maximum hygiene. Lastly, the cards are difficult to forge. Since you create your own cards, you can fully personalize them with elements that are specific to your business. Whether as badges for healthcare staff or certification cards for your medical devices, our solutions are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Enhance the professional image of your establishment or your care services

High-quality ID cards are an excellent way to promote the professional image of your facility, staff, and patient services. With customizable card templates and intuitive software, you can easily add your logo or your colors to match the visual identity of your medical organization.

Thanks to Badgy’s paper card printing, you can also offer your patients appointment cards or cards with their login information to access their files. No more forgetting! You simply enhance your healthcare services with professional paper cards, an alternative to PVC for this kind of short-term use.

Badgy’s packages can be adapted to even the most specific needs!

Your identification cards for healthcare staff and medical equipment

Badges for healthcare staff

Whether your healthcare staff work in a clinic, practice, or in the patient’s home, a professional ID badge is essential. It can clearly display the name, position, department, and photo of the healthcare worker. These identification cards for medical staff are a visual means of ensuring secure access to your facility, but also of reassuring homebound patients by allowing them to easily identify who is allowed to enter their home. You can also add your logo and a barcode or QR code as needed.

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Employee badge for healthcare printed with Badgy

Professional certification cards for your medical devices

Some medical devices must be accompanied, for reasons of traceability, by a declaration of conformity that is given to the patient. Create your own certification cards to display all the information relating to the medical device offered to your patient, including: its origin, its design characteristics, its warranty, and the associated standards and regulations. The plastic card format is durable to withstand both cleaning and handling.

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Visitor badge for healthcare printed with Badgy Business card printed with Badgy

And a multitude of cards for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Visitor badge for healthcare printed with Badgy

Visitor badges

For the security of your healthcare establishment and your patients on site, quickly identify one-time or longer-term visitors with a name badge indicating their name, the reason for and the date(s) of their visit or stay. These visitor badges may be created for both outpatients and inpatients, as well as for visiting families. This makes it easy for your staff to identify visitors in your clinic or practice.

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Business card printed with Badgy

Business cards

Give your patients a personalized business card. It’s a practical and durable format to record your contact details (name, address, phone number, email) and office hours. You can also print them on demand in a matter of seconds, indicating upcoming appointments. Business cards also serve as a reminder for the person you have just seen in your practice or visited at home.

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Small Signage

Take advantage of a discreet plastic card format to clearly display important information to patients and staff: waiting room, reception, opening hours, hygiene instructions, etc. This small signage makes it easier to organize your practice or healthcare facility and is helpful for your visitors.


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Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

Badgy: the solution for creating professional medical badges

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

Everything you need to make cards for your healthcare facility

Badgy solutions offer:

  • an easy-to-use card printer
  • Evolis Badge Studio, intuitive personalization software
  • free access to badge templates in our online template library
  • consumables such as color ribbons and cards to print your first badges right away

Badgy is your one-stop shop! You can install, connect, and print your healthcare badges in just a few minutes.

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