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Differences between the solutions

Both solutions include a printer, dedicated card design software, and consumables, but there are some differences:

Badgy 100

  • Printable area: Margin of 1.35 mm
  • Printing speed (color card): 45 sec/card
  • Included software: Evolis Badge Studio®Standard version
  • Supplied consumable pack (color ribbon + blank PVC cards): For 50 prints + a cleaning card

Badgy 200

  • Printable area: Edge-to-edge
  • Printing speed (color card): 38 sec/card
  • Included software: Evolis Badge Studio® Plus version (import from databases)
  • Supplied consumable pack (color ribbon + blank PVC cards): For 100 prints + a cleaning card

The Badgy100 and Badgy200 solutions include everything you need to create and print your first cards:

  • card printer,
  • design software,
  • consumables (cards, print ribbons, and a cleaning card),
  • connection cables,
  • and documents to help you get started with your Badgy printer.

Badgy is a very user-friendly card printing solution. No advanced training is required, even for novice users:

  • an all-in-one and ready-to-use solution (including software and consumables),
  • card printers operate in the same way as standard office printers,
  • very intuitive Evolis Badge Studio® card design software for both PC and Mac users: personalize
    your badges in just a few minutes
  • wide selection of online templates to help you design your cards

Printers Haut de page

YES. Badgy100 and Badgy200 are equipped with a single-side printing module. To create doublesided cards, simply print your cards on one side and then reinsert them in the card feeder to print on the other side.

The Evolis Badge Studio® software in Plus version supplied with Badgy200 also features a wizard for manually printing series of double-sided cards.

YES. In this case, it would be more cost effective to use a black ribbon.

YES. You can print identical series of badges and, with the ‘version +’ of the Evolis Badge Studio® software, series of badges showing different information, thanks to your imported database.

YES. It’s very simple: use the Evolis Badge Studio® software to insert your barcode or QR code in your card design and start printing!

NO. Badgy does not have any encoder (magnetic strip, smartcard with or without contact). However, you can personalize pre-encoded cards with black texts using Badgy.

Badgy printers are essentially designed to print on PVC plastic cards in CR80 format. This format corresponds to that of a credit card and the dimensions are 85.6 x 54 mm.
For some cards that have a rather short lifespan, such as visitor cards or gift cards, it is possible to print on paper cards, made of cellulose fiber, available in the Badgy catalog. These cards can only be printed with the BlackFlex CBGR0500F ribbon.

YES. It’s entirely possible to use pre-printed cards and personalize them with black text using Badgy.

Badgy printers use a printing ribbon (supplied) which consists of series of 5 panels. To print a specific color on the card, the printer successively superimposes the first 3 layers (yellow, magenta and cyan) which together create the required shade, in photo quality. Black panels (to print text) and varnish (to protect the card) are then applied to the card.

Software Haut de page

YES. Both the printers and the Evolis Badge Studio® card design software are MAC and PC compatible.

For more information, please visit our software page.

The Evolis Badge Studio Plus software support:

  • Excel,
  • Access,
  • TXT
  • and CSV databases

YES, with the Evolis Badge Studio Plus version.

Badge Studio Standard version

  • All-in-one installation
  • Card templates (internal and access to the online template library)
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Locking (without password)
  • Internal database (limited to 20 registrations)

Badge Studio Plus Edition

  • All-in-one installation
  • Card templates (internal and access to the online template library)
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Locking (with password)
  • Internal database
  • Import from MS Excel + Import Wizard (as well as Access, .csv, and .txt)
  • Creation of single-sided and double-sided cards (personalization and assistant)

Badge Studio may be installed on as many computers as desired (Windows® 7 or later version/Mac OS 10.12 or later version).
A license activation code for the PLUS edition can only be used on one computer at a time (for more details, refer to FAQ How Do I Upgrade to PLUS Edition?)
Printing will be possible as long as the Badgy printer is plugged-in to the adequate computer via USB.

YES. You can purchase the upgrade to the ‘version +’ of the software at any time and then be able to import your databases.

Consumables Haut de page

Yes, the first consumables are included: a kit for 50 color prints with Badgy100 and a kit for 100 prints with Badgy200.

Each solution also includes a cleaning card.

Badgy is the ideal solution for printing many types of cards: from employee badges to cafeteria cards, from loyalty cards to membership cards, and much more.

For more details relating to your business, please visit our dedicated pages: Company, Store, School, Club & Association, Local Government, Healthcare Facilities.

The Badgy consumables include:

  • one color ribbon (YMCKO) for 100 prints
  • a black ribbon for 500 prints
  • a consumables kit containing a color ribbon and 100 cards
  • standard thickness cards (30 mil
  • thin cards (20 mil)
  • paper cards in standard thickness (30 mil)
  • a specific black ribbon to print on the paper cards.
  • cleaning kits

For more information, please visit our consumables page.

Card creation: Haut de page

The Evolis Badge Studio software is the perfect tool to help you create your cards. You can open one of the many templates included in our software or in our template library and personalize it, or create your own design with the same software.

For more information, download our guide here.

YES. Simply import your graphic elements into the Evolis Badge Studio® software.

We regularly publish new templates in our card template library, accessible here.

Buy a Badgy solution: Haut de page

Badgyis available in more than 60 countries around the world. We can find the reseller closest to you.

Go to our Find a Reseller page.

Warranty & Maintenance Haut de page

Badgy solutions come with a 2-year warranty. In case of failure, contact our technical support team here. You can also extend the warranty for your solution (up to 4 years).{

For more details, please visit our extended warranty page.

We offer extended warranties of 1 or 2 additional years, for a total coverage of 3 or 4 years. For more information, contact your reseller.

For more details, please visit our extended warranty page.