Personalized business cards for your local government office

Promote your local government services with business cards for your citizens and employees.

Badgy allows you to create and print your own personalized professional badges at a reduced cost for your organization.

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Create your own professional badges for all your services

Choose an affordable solution to create your business cards independently

Local government faces many challenges and changes in its organization. You need to guarantee the quality of the service provided to users and partners while improving and optimizing the operation and expenses of your organization. Printing professional cards independently within your offices can solve some of your challenges, because it offers you an affordable and flexible solution that produces a high-quality result for multiple uses.

Promote your local municipal services and your community's image

Because the notion of “community” is attractive to so many of your citizens, promoting your activities and local services must be a priority. The use of professional-looking cards in these areas can reinforce the sense of belonging in your community. Reduce daily management resources and simplifying access for your citizens. These fully customizable badges highlight the community image by displaying your logo and colors.

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Gain the freedom to create your own professional badges

There’s no need to rely on third-party supplies to obtain cards and badges for your community. Become completely independent with Badgy’s all-in-one solutions. You can easily manage all the steps from badge design, to personalization, and finally printing. With Badgy, you benefit from an online template library with free designs, intuitive design software, and a card printer that is as easy to use as a standard office printer. No more delivery delays —get your business cards instantly, when you need them.

Get an affordable solution for your personalized business cards

Independently designing and printing your cards and badges means reducing your costs! Badgy all-in-one solutions are the most affordable on the market. Your cost-per-card is reduced and you are no longer subject to minimum order requirements from third-party providers. You are investing in a complete package that offers you a multitude of possibilities. Drive value from your investment by using Badgy for a variety of purposes: employee badges, library cards, small signage, event badges, and much more.

Create all the badges you need for your employees and community.

ID badges for your employees

Identify all your employees with personalized business badges. Ensure secure access to your city hall, municipal locations, or important meetings between government officials in a simple and efficient way. These employee badges may display the name, position, and photo of the employee, as well as the logo or name of your community for quick visual identification.

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Employee badge for city hall printed with Badgy

Personalized library cards

Give your citizens an identification card to access your services, such as the public library. This card allows them to borrow books and other assets easily. The library card is a way to visually check that people are part of your municipality. Managing loans and returns is easy with a personalized barcode based on your internal database that you can print directly on the card using our design software. Do you provide other public services that require an access card? You can adapt your use of Badgy to create waste collection cards, for example!

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Library card with white edge printed with Badgy
Event badge printed with Badgy Interior signage

And all the cards and badges you need for your community

Event badge printed with Badgy

Event badge

Several events punctuate the life of your community: music festivals, meetings with elected officials, talks, sporting tournaments, etc. Identify the organizers as well as the participants of these key events quickly and easily with event badges. Fully customizable, you can print them in advance or on demand.

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Interior signage

Small Signage

Take advantage of the plastic card format to discreetly but clearly display important information within your premises for your employees and visitors: reception, opening hours, waiting room, etc. You can also offer your citizens small “No junk mail” cards to attach to their mailboxes.

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They chose Badgy, and they'll tell you why!

Badgy is ideal for the Zoo: Our card-printing requirements are simple and low volume. Zoo membership passes printing

Guy Masquefa, Fréjus Zoo director

We needed a physical access control solution for this project. Badgy is a low-cost and efficient card printer that met all our expectations! Badges to monitor access to an airport extension construction site

Ms Billard, HSE Manager (Health, Safety and Environment)

Thanks to Badgy, we have been able to quickly hand personalized badges to each participants. Easy to use and efficient : we are very pleased with this card printing solution Badges to monitor access to an airport extension construction site

Vanessa Obadia, The French Junior Chamber of Commerce

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

Use Badgy to create professional cards

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

All-in-one solutions for your personalized badges

Badgy offers two solutions, Badgy100 and Badgy200—the most affordable on the market for designing and printing local government cards independently. They each include:

  • a plastic card printer
  • personalization software: Evolis Badge Studio
  • a color ribbon and blank PVC cards
  • a complete and free template library with customizable card templates
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