A complete solution for your business with a loyalty and gift card printer

Promote customer devotion and easily increase your sales by creating your own loyalty cards and gift cards for your store.

With the Badgy solution, you can print loyalty cards for your customers, as well as personalized badges for your employees.

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Choose to create privilege loyalty cards and all other personalized badges for your business in the blink of an eye

No need to depend on a gift and loyalty card supplier anymore!

The growth and prosperity of your business is essential. Even if you already have a good reputation, it is important to continually bring new things to your customers in order to strengthen their loyalty and increase your turnover. Choosing to create and print your own gift cards or loyalty cards in store can help you achieve your goals quickly and easily!

Create your own loyalty cards

You may be used to using a gift and loyalty card supplier. But did you know that you can create these cards yourself? The Badgy all-in-one solution includes everything you need to produce your own cards and badges, including a loyalty card printer! You can print personalized cards on demand near your cash register(?) and hand them to your customers ready for immediate use! Important: this loyalty card machine is compact and adapts to your working environment by taking up as little space as possible on your counter.

Shopper hands the merchant her privilege card created with the Badgy printer

Build customer loyalty and increase your sales

Loyalty cards, gift cards, or business cards are essential communication tools for your business. Your investment will become profitable very quickly. What could be more gratifying for your loyal customers than to benefit from rewards for the purchases they make at their favorite retailer? Your customers are the best ambassadors for your business! Offering them a loyalty card or allowing them to buy a gift card with your brand image for a loved one ensures visibility and future sales. Badgy is the affordable way to offer these items to your customers at a low cost.

Highlight the visual identity of your business

Just as the layout of your store is carefully designed, your communication must also reflect the identity and professionalism of your store. With Badgy, all your badges and cards are fully customizable with your logo or store name, your colors, your opening hours, a barcode, the name of the customer, etc. Anything is possible! You can create your own loyalty cards and make sure that the graphics are consistent with the rest of your business image. You don’t need to be a graphic designer, the design software is user-friendly and offers free templates to download from our online template library. The plastic card format and our printer ensure a professional result that meets your expectations and those of your customers. Badgy’s all-in-one packages are an affordable solution for all your card and badge needs.

All the cards you need for your business

Loyalty cards for your customers

Offer your customers a card that gives them access to special rewards: discounts, gifts, or additional services. Whether it is in color on a plastic card or on a paper card to be stamped, it encourages them to return regularly to your business and is an easy way to promote customer loyalty, while increasing your turnover. With our software, you can easily add a barcode for easier management of your customer database when designing your privilege cards.

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Loyalty card printed with Badgy

Your personalized gift cards

Gift cards are a legitimate consumer buying habit. Why not offer your own? Fully customizable with your brand logo and colors, they are an effective communication medium. Allow your existing customers to choose a gift that will not disappoint, while introducing your store to new customers who you can then retain. This allows you to easily generate additional sales.

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Gift card with barcode printed with Badgy
Employee badge for flower shop printed with Badgy Business card for restaurant printed with Badgy

Professional badges for your store employees

Employee badge for flower shop printed with Badgy

Employee badges

Help your customers to identify the staff in your store. With employee badges, you can display all the important information about your employee: name, position, and possibly the language(s) they speak, all in the colors of your business. Their format is clear and the look is professional.

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Business card for restaurant printed with Badgy

Business Cards

Give your customers a business card that is fully personalized with your logo. Include your address, phone number, and hours so your customers can easily reach you or plan a visit to your store.

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They chose Badgy, and they'll tell you why!

The printer perfectly meets my initial requirements for this kind of device. The software is absolutely incredible! Even after the purchase, the German-speaking team in France was available to answer my questions within a day. Efficient customer marketing thanks to service cards for musical instruments

M. Kunath.

I’ve recommended and I’ll continue to recommend Badgy solutions to other professionals. My customers are very pleased with the personalized gift cards I offer them and I’ve never had any reason to switch to another solution! Actuel Studio 3 stands out from the crowd thanks to its customized gift cards

Fabian Rousselot, photographer and manager of Actuel Studio 3

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

The Badgy solution for your store

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

An all-in-one package including a printer for your loyalty cards

Badgy offers two all-in-one solutions that are quick and easy to use to create your own loyalty cards:

  • a loyalty card printer
  • Evolis Badge Studio personalization software
  • a free template library with card templates available on our website
  • a first set of consumables

Produce your own gift cards in the blink of an eye!

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