New Membership Cards For the Neuilly Golf Association

With the expansion of the association since 2018 and the arrival of new members, the Neuilly Golf association chose to invest in the Badgy all-in-one solution to facilitate the creation and improve the visual finish of its membership cards.

Since 2018, Neuilly Golf has been bringing golf enthusiasts together to take part in many activities in a fun and friendly atmosphere: leisure outings and trips, participation in local competitions, teaching adults and children, and regular festive meetings. To go from 18 members in 2018 to 186 in 2022, this is the challenge that the sports association has taken up thanks to these initiatives! It then became necessary for the Secretary of the association to find a new way to produce quality membership cards.


Membership cards that reflect the serious and professional image of the association

If with a few dozen members the association could afford to produce its cards in an artisanal way, the significant growth of the number of members in a few years required the association to consider a new way of producing the cards.

« I used to do everything myself by hand, which required a lot of time and preparation. » – Mr. Drillet, secretary of the association.

Previously, membership cards were issued from a personal office printer on 240g photo paper. Cut one by one with a cutter, the production time was particularly long for an improvable finish. As the number of members increased, this method also involved a significant cost for the photo paper and the adapted ink cartridges.

« Starting in 2019, I began searching the internet for a more effective solution. Badgy seemed like the perfect product! We chose to invest when it became difficult for me to manually manage nearly 200 membership cards each year in addition to my other responsibilities within the association, » says Mr. Drillet. After a demonstration given by the Badgy reseller Celer-IT, the Secretary of Neuilly Golf chose Badgy200 in 2022 to produce all of its cards autonomously.

Indeed, the solution has everything it takes to simplify Mr. Drillet’s life:

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Mr. Drillet has created professionally finished membership cards that reflect the image and serious nature of his association with the following elements:

On the front and in color:

  • The member’s first and last name
  • Their membership number
  • The year of registration
  • The logo of the association
  • A background image representative of the activity of Neuilly Golf
  • And the indication of its affiliation to the French Golf Federation.

On the back in black and white:

  • The address of the association
  • The URL of its website
  • And a QR code generated with Evolis Badge Studio for easy access.


Badgy: a sustainable investment with real day-to-day benefits for Neuilly Golf

« I will not go back to the old way of creating our membership cards for anything in the world ».

Although Badgy is an important investment for the sports association, all the members of the board trusted Mr. Drillet in his choice of Badgy200. The benefits of the solution are numerous:

  • Ease of use : From installation to the creation of the membership card to its printing. You don’t have to be an expert to get professionally finished cards.
  • Time saving: Not negligible when there are several hundred cards to be made each year, especially thanks to the import of Excel databases. It also allows Mr. Drillet to invest in other important work for the association.
  • Flexibility of the solution: In addition to membership cards, Mr. Drillet also uses Badgy to provide welcome cards to participants on trips organized by the association. He also chose thin cards for future business cards.
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I was already convinced of what Badgy could do for me even before I bought it. This is confirmed by use and I will recommend the solution for membership cards without hesitation.


Mr. Drillet—Secretary of the Neuilly Golf association

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