Event badges and business cards for Réseau Entreprendre Maine-et-Loire members!

To help its members succeed, facilitate their exchanges and contribute to the development of their business, the Réseau Entreprendre Maine-et-Loire has equipped itself with a Badgy200 printer. This is a particularly useful tool for identifying network members quickly and easily, especially at events.

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Réseau Entreprendre Maine-et-Loire is an association of business leaders that supports new entrepreneurs and those taking over businesses, promotes job creation and organizes events to encourage exchanges between young entrepreneurs and those taking over businesses, known as award winners, and experienced business leaders.

Identify the various participants at events

Held 5 times a year, Réseau Entreprendre Maine-et-Loire’s events are real moments of sharing, sometimes welcoming up to 1,000 people, as at the Awards Party, a real highlight of the association. To facilitate exchanges and enable guests to identify their interlocutor at a glance, the team organizing these events is equipped with a Badgy200 printer.

Each badge includes information that clearly identifies the guest wearing it, such as surname, first name and company name. In addition to this information, the badges are also provided with a specific logo and color, making it very easy to identify whether the person is an award winner or a member of the association.

The software included in the solution enables intuitive badge creation and personalization. Designed to be quick to learn, it adapts to the needs and specificities of each individual.

For Océane Fournier, communication executive at Réseau Entreprendre Maine-et-Loire, the Badgy200 printer is a real plus when it comes to organizing events. Its ability to import databases directly from an Excel document makes it extremely easy to manage the badges of different guests.

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Moreover, the speed of printing makes it particularly responsive: if a badge is lost, it can be quickly replaced. The flexibility of the Badgy printer means that individual badges can be printed as required, in just a few clicks.

The vCard, an asset for expanding your network

The Badgy200 solution also includes a module particularly conducive to the development of an entrepreneur’s network: the ability to create a vCard digital business card. In addition to the information found on a conventional business card, the vCard digital business card also includes a QR Code. By scanning this with a smartphone, your contact will instantly find your details on his or her phone, ready to be saved in his or her contacts.

The business card can then be stored, ready to be used again. Easy to use and practical, this digital business card is a real asset for entrepreneurs looking to expand their network!

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A controlled environmental impact

The ability to re-use badges from one event to the next is also a perceived plus for the Réseau Entreprendre Maine-et-Loire events team. This allows them to avoid reprinting badges, thus reducing costs.

The vCard is also a more economical solution, allowing you to reduce the number of printouts: a simple scan of the QR code on your vCard allows you to distribute your contact details very quickly.

« It’s quick and easy to use. The rendering is high quality, and last but not least, the environmental impact is limited as members use their badges from one event to the next. »

Viviane Mols, Director of Réseau Entreprendre Maine-et-Loire.

Pack de la solution Badgy200 comprenant : un logiciel, une imprimante, des consommables

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Pack de la solution Badgy200 comprenant : un logiciel, une imprimante, des consommables

Our Badgy200 printer allows you to quickly print a business card with a QR code independently. Just plug in your printer, launch the software, and you’re ready to go!”

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