badgy to print school cards

Did you know you could print school cards on pvc?

Badgy is the turnkey solution to print your own personalized school badges on plastic cards, completely by yourself.

Badgy participates to increase security in your establishment and gives you a professional image.



badgy to print school badges

School badges made on pvc are more durable

Badgy is a small printer that allows you to print on pvc cards. Why should you have it?

  • Your staff gains so much time at the beginning of each academic year
  • A new student? Print his school badges right away
  • A lost card? Reprint it in less than a minute
  • and high-quality printing give you a strong professional image

Discover the Badgy solution

school badge
badgy to print student cards

Student ID printed on plastic cards by your staff

At the start of each academic year, you have to print all your personalized student IDs in one go.

Then, during the year, you have to replace lost badges or make new ones for new arrivals.

Why not doing it by yourself saving time and money and increasing your professional image?

Discover the Badgy solution

Student ID card
badgy to print library cards

Looking for a solution to print library cards on pvc ?

Tired of seeing those used and old library cards on paper?

Badgy card printer is a cost effective and professional solution to create and print personalized library cards on plastic cards.

Badgy prints barcodes onto the card and you can effectively track the loans and returns of your books. 

Discover the Badgy solution

Library card
Badgy for schools
School badges
Student ID cards
Library cards

Why choose Badgy?

Instant production

You can produce all your badges at the same time at the start of the academic year. Then instantly print lost badges or badges for new arrivals on demand.

Heavy-duty badges

The plastic material has the benefit of withstanding everyday use, thus prolonging the life of your badges.

Badges to increase security

By choosing a plastic card, you make your badges harder to forge. Make your premises more secure by easily identifying everyone who works there.

Your staff can gain time: print on pvc!



A complete solution for plastic card printing

A plastic card printer, free card templates, a software to create and personalize your cards and badges and all the consumables you need to start printing.


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Easy to use

The Badgy card printer is just as easy to use as a conventional printer. No advanced training is required to print with Badgy.


Badgy is extremely fast: print up to 95 cards an hour.


“ The Badgy printer has saved us a considerable amount of time and is really flexible to use. I can print all my cards with just one click. ”

Ms. Durand, CFA d'Angers (apprenticeship training center), France

“ With Badgy, you can create badges in just a few clicks. You can easily print a single card when a pupil has lost theirs. ”

Mr. Avril, college in Torfou