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Employee id cards at chinese flight academy

Jiutian International Flight Academy in Qingdao is a flying school approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

As a leading domestic flight training institute, Jiutian International Flight Academy provides major Chinese airlines with pilots. The academy has more than 200 employees, including 80 licensed flight instructors and nearly 120 employees working in administration, maintenance, logistics and finance. Safety management of employees is paramount.

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Badgy200 prints safe employee cards with ID photo.

To improve the overall safety of the premises, the academy decided to purchase a Badgy card printer in order to create and print autonomously personalized employee cards showcasing the academy’s branding.


  • a color ID photo and personal information of every employee is also printed on the employee’s cards.
  • Every employee at the academy must wear an employee card during working hours with his/her personalized information.
Badgy - Testimonial from Jiutian International Flight Academy - Aircraft

Luan Hong, Directeur général de l’école, déclare :
According to the academy’s general director Luan Hong ˝the old employee card did not have a photo and this made it difficult for the academy to correctly identify the staff.

We could have chosen to outsource card personalization, but efficiency is low and it is not ideal to protect employee information.”

Easy to operate with excellent printing performance

Apart from updating all current employee cards, Badgy also issues cards to future employees and reissues cards in case of lost. After comparing many desktop card printers in the market, the administration department decided to buy a BADGY200 card printer.
After handling entry formalities for new employees, the administration department can now issue employee cards with the employee’s photo the same day.
The all-in-one printing solution includes:
  • a card printer,
  • one roll of color ribbon for 100 cards,
  • and the card design software Badgy Studio. 

We are satisfied with the high cost-performance ratio of BADGY200. It can meet our requirements in terms of the number of cards issued, and we can personalize the designs on every card. BADGY200 is compact and simple and easy to use.

Luan Hong, Dean of Academy

An all-in-one solution for printing your own cards

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Intuitive software for creating and personalizing badges: Evolis Badge Studio in Standard or Plus versions.
Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables
2 solutions: Badgy100 and Badgy200. Each solution includes a card printer and a consumables pack: ribbon, blank PVC cards, and a cleaning card
An online template library offering customizable card templates to download for free.
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