Print your personalized badges instantly

Use the Badgy turnkey solution to print your own personalized badges on plastic cards.

Create your own staff badges

Strengthen your identity and stand out from the crowd! In just a few minutes, you can print your own professional-quality, durable badges.


Discover Badgy

Add value to your brand and develop your customer relations

Print your own store cards. With the Badgy plastic-card printer, you can create gift cards, business cards, loyalty cards, and much more.



Increase security within your school

Badgy is the solution for plastic card printing. Produce your own personalized badges for your establishment.



membership card

Enhance your club's image and bring your members together!

With the Badgy card printer, you can instantly print high-quality cards. Give your members a card made from durable material you have personalized yourself.



Strengthen the identity of your local government!

With the Badgy plastic-card printer, you can create and print professional-quality, personalized badges.



The Badgy Solution
Educational Establishments
Clubs and associations
Local Government

Distinguish yourself

Enhance your brand image with professional-looking, personalized badges you have printed yourself.

Print your cards instantly

Produce cards and badges yourself in just a few minutes and give them straight to your contacts.

Heavy-duty badges

Plastic cards are far more durable in everyday use compared to paper badges.


Easy to Use

Badgy is just as easy to use as a conventional printer! Choose your badge design from our card template library, personalize it using the software provided, and print it.


You need just 15 minutes to install Badgy and print your first personalized badge. Badgy is fast and prints up to 95 cards an hour.


No larger than a letter sized sheet of paper, as little space as possible on your desks and counters.