Loyalty Card: Adopt this Key Asset for your Business!

In 2019, 59% of French people reported having at least one loyalty card. 30% of them even had more than one. If you don’t yet offer one, find out in this article why it can become a real asset for your business.

The loyalty card: Benefits for your customers, but also for your business

The loyalty card needs no introduction. In France, the first loyalty card was created more than 60 years ago by a large cultural brand, but the principle of a loyalty program goes back to the 18th century! A long history that demonstrates the success of this little card that everyone has in their wallet.


Reward your customers’ loyalty

The loyalty card is appreciated by customers simply because it offers them a reward. And who would be against a small discount or a gift from their favorite retailer? Through a loyalty program, you value your customers and show them that their persistence in visiting your business is important to you. You are happy that they come to you and let them know by offering them benefits that an average customer would not get.

And the list of benefits can be long depending on what you want to implement for your business:

  • VIP promotions
  • Reductions
  • Exclusive benefits
  • Priority checkout, etc.

Depending on your customers’ habits and your product offering, you can adapt the benefits and even have them evolve over time. Offering new features on a regular basis attracts the attention of your customers and they will be delighted to benefit from a new exclusive advantage thanks to your loyalty card.

Do some customers ask you if you have a loyalty card? Then it’s time to look into the idea!

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Develop your sales and business opportunities

Although we can easily highlight the advantages that loyalty cards bring to customers, we must remember that their main reason for existence is also because they ultimately allow businesses to increase their sales! By offering your customers a loyalty card, you also benefit from many advantages for your business:

You encourage your customers to come back: To accumulate points and reach their next benefit, your customers return to your business time and again. And very often, they tend to buy more with a loyalty card that offers them benefits! A golden opportunity.


You build up a database: If you choose to have a form filled out in order to issue the card, you are collecting valuable information about your customers for your business. This will allow you, for example, to stay in touch with your customers by email or text so that you can communicate your offers and new products and ensure they come back to you. However, you need to be careful to respect the rules concerning the processing of your customers’ data, such as the GDPR in France.


You reinforce your brand image: As previously mentioned, the loyalty card shows your customers that you value them and are grateful for their visit. You improve the customer experience and these satisfied customers will tend to tell their friends about your business.

But the loyalty card in physical format is also an excellent communication medium.

  • Lasting, since it is necessary to have it to benefit from the advantages.
  • Close by, since it is often kept in the wallet and is therefore seen almost daily without customers realizing.
  • In your brand image, since it is customizable and you can put your logo or your graphic elements on it, as well as practical information for your customers.

The physical loyalty card is also a good way to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a VIP program. Despite the emergence of dematerialized cards, customers are still attached to this symbolic object. On plastic with a barcode or on thick paper to be stamped, your loyalty card will become indispensable to your customers!

Choose the right solution to offer a loyalty card to your customers

Be totally autonomous and save time with Badgy

There are many ways to get loyalty cards for your business. But there is only one way that was designed for you: Badgy.

Made in France, Badgy is available in two all-in-one packages, Badgy100 and Badgy200, each of which includes:

From there, you have everything you need and are completely autonomous in creating your loyalty cards. Once you receive your Badgy, it only takes 15 minutes to install, create, and issue your first cards, all within your business. Your customers get their new benefits immediately, as you print personalized cards on demand. It couldn’t be easier!

  • No need for a graphic designer to design the card
  • No need for a printing service to issue them
  • No more delays in receiving or additional costs
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Improve the return on your investment by creating gift cards and much more…

Badgy is not limited to loyalty cards! The all-in-one solution is designed to allow you to create all kinds of cards and badges you may need for your business.

  • This gives you a quick return on your investment
  • And you enhance your brand image with cards that are fully customized with the colors of your business

Here are some examples of cards and badges that you might find useful:

Anything is possible with Badgy, the only limit is your imagination (and even here we give you a helping hand with our card library).

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Are you now convinced of the importance of offering a loyalty card to your customers thanks to Badgy?

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