badgy to print cards and badges for stores

Did you know you could print your loyalty cards on pvc?

Professionalism is in the details.

Stop using paper and stamps to count their loyalty.

Instantly hand real loyalty cards print on pvc right from your counter. With Badgy it's possible!



badgy to print loyalty cards

Make your loyalty cards on pvc cards all by yourself

Time to say good bye to loyalty cards made on paper!

Badgy is the professional solution you've been looking for without knowing.

Print personalized loyalty cards with your logos and designs at the checkout.

Instantly hand them over to your customers on the spot. 

Discover the Badgy solution

Loyalty card
badgy to print employee badges

Employee badges made on pvc by yourself!

Print personalized staff ID badges on plastic card with your brand colors.

Your customers will quickly identify your employees, so that they know who to turn to when they need assistance.

Badgy helps you give a professional image for your store!

Discover the Badgy solution

Employee badge
badgy to print gift cards

Did you know you could print on pvc, by yourself?

Instead of making gift cards on paper, make your store looks more professional:

With a very simple Badgy card printer, create and print personalized gift cards on plastic cards directly from your counter!

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Gift card
badgy to print VIP cards

Make your shop looks good with VIP cards printed on pvc card!

With a Badgy card printer you will be able to create and print VIP cards on plastic cards.

An easy and economic way to give a special touch to your store and boost your sales at the same time.

Printing badges on a plastic card gives them a professional finish.

Discover the Badgy solution

VIP Card
Badgy for stores
Loyalty cards
Employee badges
Gift cards
VIP cards

Why choose Badgy?

Strengthen your brand identity

The Badgy plastic-card printer allows you to issue your own personalized cards with a professional finish, which only helps to add value to the image of your store.

Instant production of cards and badges

With Badgy, you can print personalized cards in your brand colors on demand at the cashier. Hand them over to your customers on the spot!

Save money!

The Badgy card printer is the most affordable plastic card printing solution on the market: take advantage of a reduced cost per card. You are no longer dependent on a single supplier and can save time. Print single cards or small print runs.

An easy way to look professional: print your cards on pvc




A complete solution for plastic card printing

A plastic card printer, free card templates, a software to create and personalize your cards and badges and all the consumables you need to start printing.

See how it works!

Easy to use

The Badgy card printer can be installed and used like a conventional printer. Plug in your printer, connect it to your PC, and start personalizing your cards and badges.

A compact printer

No larger than a letter sized sheet of paper, as little space as possible on your desks and counters.

Ready-to-use designs

With the Badgy solution, you get free access to our library of card templates. Select the badge design you like and personalize it as required with the Evolis Badge Studio software included in the package.