badgy to print badges for companies

Did you know you could print on pvc by yourself?

Badgy is the solution to print personalized ID badges on plastic cards.

The best way to gain time when you need to make badges!


staff id badge printing

Instant printing of staff ID badges on pvc

Give personalized badges to your employees: name, photo... Even on their first day!

Your employees feel valued and you enhance your brand image.

Discover the Badgy solution

Staff ID badge
badgy to print visitor badges

Your staff can instantly print visitor badges on pvc

With Badgy card printer produce individual badges with professional print quality.

Welcome your visitors by giving them personalized visitors badges in your company colors.

Identify them at a glance and increase your in-house security.

Discover the Badgy solution

Visitor badge
badgy to print event badges

Create high-quality event badges on plastic cards

Your image and your time are valuable!

For seminars or any business events, Badgy allows you to print personal ID badges in advance and/or on demand.

Get ready to welcome your participants like professionnals

Discover the Badgy solution

event badge
badgy to print business cards

Print unique business cards

Don't waste your money!

Badgy can also be used to print business cards for your employees!

Update and print them when needed. The end of obsolete business cards.

Discover the Badgy solution

Business card
Badgy for companies
Staff ID badges
Visitor badges
Event badges
Business cards

Why choose Badgy?

Get a better brand image

With Badgy, you print your badges on plastic cards and get professional results that help enhance your company image.

Produce badges instantly

The Badgy printer allows you to produce personalized cards and badges in your company colors in just a few minutes.

Save your money

Free yourself from the constraints of supplier minimum order quantities and enjoy low-cost printing from the start.

You don't need to be an expert to print on pvc



A complete solution for plastic card printing

A plastic card printer, free card templates, a software to create and personalize your cards and badges and all the consumables you need to start printing.


See how it works

Easy to use

The Badgy plastic-card printer can be installed and used like a conventional office printer. No training required.


Download the badge design free of charge from our card template library, personalize it in just a few clicks, and print it out in less than a minute.


The plastic card allows you to create sturdy badges that do not deteriorate through everyday use. Your badges also last longer.

annual passes on plastic card

“Badgy is ideal for the Zoo: Our card-printing requirements are simple and low volume.”

Guy Masquefa, Fréjus Zoo director

Presentation labels for buffet in a staff restaurant

"The printers are small and mobile and have a good price/performance ratio”

Alexander Schmidt, purchaser at LZ-Catering.