badgy to print badges for clubs

Did you know you could print id badges on pvc cards?

Badgy is cost effective and professional solution to create and print personalized ID cards on plastic cards for your members, partners, supporters, ...

Badgy, a simple way to increase the feeling of belonging to your club and your image!



badgy to print membership cards

Your staff can print membership cards on pvc, did you know?

Your team staff has a lot to do. With Badgy,y ou can save them time save your money too!

Badgy is an efficient solution to create and print high-quality personalized membership cards on plastic cards.

With your colors and logo your strenghen your brand image at the best cost!

Discover the Badgy solution

Membership card
badgy to print ID badges

Badgy, instant printing of personalized ID badges on pvc

Thanks to the Badgy card printer, you can create your own ID cards on plastic cards.

Create personalized cards so you can quickly identify your subscribers, volunteers, employees, etc.

Discover the Badgy solution

ID Badge
badgy to print event badges

With Badgy, you can print your own event badges on pvc cards

The Badgy card printer is an indispensable tool for ensuring your events run smoothly.

Create and print personalized badges according to participant profile, either in advance or on the spot. See at a glance who is allowed access.

Badgy helps you look professional!

Discover the Badgy solution

Event badge
For clubs & associations
Membership cards
ID badges
Event badges

Why choose Badgy?

Instant production

Badgy is so easy to use that, as soon as a new member joins, you can create their membership card in just a few minutes and hand it over to them on the spot.

A professional image

Printing onto plastic gives your cards and badges a very professional finish, which can only enhance the image of your club or association.

A good investment

Badgy is the most affordable all-in-one solution for plastic card printing on the market. The cost per card is reduced and there's no supplier management or delays. You print your badges as you need them – as single cards or in small batches.

Print on pvc cards and get a professional image!




A complete solution for plastic card printing

A plastic card printer, free card templates, a software to create and personalize your cards and badges and all the consumables you need to start printing.


Discover the Badgy Solution

Easy to use

Badgy is installed and used like an office printer. It takes just a few minutes to learn how to use it.

Durable badges

The robustness of the plastic means that your badges last longer. What's more, plastic cards are more tamper-proof.

A compact printer

Badgy is no larger than a sheet of letter sized paper and can be  perfectly integrated into your workspace.


” We were in need of a dynamic, easy to use, and easy to print resource. That's why we use Badgy to print our own cards for our members and partners etc. It means that we have an efficient system and are able to make changes instantly. ”

Charles Bosquet

membership card

“ Since we started using Badgy, it has been much easier to manage our membership. The plastic card strengthens the sense of belonging to the club. It has also been received as a sign of quality and professionalism. ”

David Deshaies, les Ducs d'Angers