Badgy - Testimony of a German shooting club on the creation of membership cards

Membership Cards with QR Codes for German Shooting Club

Among other things, German gun legislation stipulates that German shooters have to provide proof of regular shooting training. Until now, the procedure undertaken by the shooting ranges was as follows:

  • the training participants signed themselves in on shooting books,
  • these documents were countersigned by the shooting supervisor,
  • then kept at the shooting ranges.


Badgy - Testimony of a German shooting club on the creation of membership cards - Logo

To make this procedure more efficient, a shooting club in Bendorf sought a solution that would allow the shooters to be identified quickly and accurately without using handwritten shooting books. The club wanted to introduce a professional solution but remain independent of external service providers.


A plastic card printer for producing membership cards

After some internet research, Ulrich Grothe, president of the club, found a solution: a desktop plastic card printer that could print membership cards with personalized QR codes. Having compared the various prices, Grothe opted for the Badgy 200 solution, which includes a card printer, 100 blank plastic cards, a color printing ribbon, and card creation software, which he ordered on the website of a computer equipment supplier.

Personalized support throughout the buying process

“My research took me to the Badgy printer, which was very attractive from a price point of view. Before making the order, I consulted the manufacturer Evolis in France and received extremely good information and advice – in German, no less. I was also recommended a number of links where I could download the software for a free trial. After a trial period and a few more questions, which were promptly answered, I was sure I was making the right choice, and I ordered this printer,” explains Grothe.

Very fast and simple installation

The installation of the software and printer went smoothly. The integration of the Excel file of employee data into the card creation software was intuitive and straightforward, even for non-IT specialists. Today, after several months of use, Grothe is more convinced than ever by his purchase: “The templates in the library make it quick and easy to create cards. Text, accents, images, dashes, and the QR code are all automatically transferred to the software and printed.”

Membership card with qr code for a shooting club printed with Badgy

Other key points:

  1. The integrated database can also be expanded and edited after it has been transferred. The user can print a card with a single dataset, part of the file, or even the whole file. Numbers such as birthdays are passed from record to record.
  2. There are numerous functions, such as next record, previous record, forward/backward, beginning/end of file, and search functions e.g. by name.
  3. You can see what data is being printed.

The option to create your own logo with graphics further expands the scope of possibilities.


Perfectly readable QR codes

The print is clean and smudge-proof. QR codes are printed perfectly so they can easily be read with the handheld scanner that Grothe also purchased.


Developments in printer usage

We plan to expand printer usage in the future by offering, for example, access control to the shooting ranges by membership card and direct registration by QR code reader. At the moment, every member has to scan their card using a reader set up in the office, which transfers the data to an Excel file.

Information about the Bendorf shooting club: www.bendorfer-schü

The printer perfectly meets my initial requirements for this kind of device. The software is absolutely incredible! Even after the purchase, the German-speaking team in France was available to answer my questions within a day. The price was also much more affordable than other offers made by competitors.

Ulrich Grothe

An all-in-one solution for printing your own cards

Badgy - Solution tout-en-un - Logiciel
Intuitive software for creating and personalizing badges: Evolis Badge Studio in Standard or Plus versions.
Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables
2 solutions: Badgy100 and Badgy200. Each solution includes a card printer and a consumables pack: ribbon, blank PVC cards, and a cleaning card
An online template library offering customizable card templates to download for free.
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