badgy to print badges for local governmemnts

Print personalized professional badges

The Badgy all-in-one solution allows you to create and print your own badges of all different types on plastic cards for your local authority: travel cards, library cards, employee badges, or event badges, membership cards for associations, and many more.

Stop depending on suppliers and cut your costs!

badgy to print employee badges

Instantly print your employee badges

Badgy card printer enables to create and print ID badges for your staff.

No need to outsource and get a professional result!

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employee badge
badgy to print library membership cards

Easily print membership cards on pvc for your associations

Help local clubs, associations, and libraries to optimize their processes and public image by printing personalized membership cards on plastic cards.

Badgy is a cost effective and easy to use solution to enhance your image.

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Membership card
badgy to print event badges

Create high-quality event badges on pvc for your community

Badgy solution contributes to your local government brand image.

You print your own event badges with a professional finish and ensure that your events are well organized and managed.

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event badges
badgy to print cafeteria cards

Did you know you could print cafeteria cards on pvc?

Give your pupils cafeteria cards personalized with your public schools' image or logo.

Badgy allows you to print a barcode on the badge to effectively manage access to the school restaurant. 

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Cafeteria card
badgy to print transit passes

Your staff can print transport cards on plastic cards

The Badgy plastic card printing solution helps you create transit cards for local residents.

Create high-quality, personalized cards.

Print on a durable material and enhance the image of your local government organization!

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Transit pass

Badges and cards for your activity

Create and print all the badges and cards you need:

An all-in-one solution

  1. Install the Badgy solution

  2. Choose your badge template and customize it with the software

  3. Use the printer to print it on a plastic card in less than a minute

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Customized badges on plastic cards for your local authority

The Badgy solution allows you to quickly and easily print all the cards your local authority needs: employee badges, library or travel cards, membership cards for your associations... and even badges for teachers or administrative staff.

With Badgy, you can forget the tedious task of producing paper badges which soon get damaged: print your badges on plastic cards, so they look professional and last longer.

pictogram Enhance the image of your local authority

By using plastic badges, you help to give your district a professional image, while saving time compared to producing paper badges.

pictogram Choose the most affordable solution on the market

With the Badgy solution, you can reduce your cost per card and get a quick return on investment thanks to its many uses.

pictogram Print badges with total independence

Stop depending on suppliers – customize and print your own cards and badges for your district.

They tested badgy

“ Very easy to use. The badges can be personalized in an infinite number of ways, which means that each year we can change the logo or the background, etc. ”

Youth Services for Bois d'Arcy council in France.

“ We use Badgy to create family ID cards for children's ministry check-in & volunteer staff ID badges. Badgy is a quality card printer at an affordable price! ”

M. Overseer - County of Dorset