badgy to print badges for clubs

Personalized membership cards for clubs and associations

Identifying your members with a customized badge allows you to secure your equipment and monitor the payment of membership fees, while strengthening the sense of belonging to your club or association.

With Badgy, you can personalize and print your own membership cards for your members, partners, and supporters.

badgy to print membership cards

Your staff can print membership cards on pvc, did you know?

Your team staff has a lot to do. With Badgy,y ou can save them time save your money too!

Badgy is an efficient solution to create and print high-quality personalized membership cards on plastic cards.

With your colors and logo your strenghen your brand image at the best cost!

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Membership card
badgy to print ID badges

Badgy, instant printing of personalized ID badges on pvc

Thanks to the Badgy card printer, you can create your own ID cards on plastic cards.

Create personalized cards so you can quickly identify your subscribers, volunteers, employees, etc.

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ID Badge
badgy to print event badges

With Badgy, you can print your own event badges on pvc cards

The Badgy card printer is an indispensable tool for ensuring your events run smoothly.

Create and print personalized badges according to participant profile, either in advance or on the spot. See at a glance who is allowed access.

Badgy helps you look professional!

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Event badge

Badges and cards for your activity

Create and print all the badges and cards you need:

An all-in-one solution

  1. Install the Badgy solution

  2. Choose your badge template and customize it with the software

  3. Use the printer to print it on a plastic card in less than a minute

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Personalized membership cards with the brand image of your club or association

The Badgy solution allows you to easily and quickly print all the cards your club needs: membership cards, supporter cards, access badges, or even employee badges.

With Badgy, you are no longer reliant on the lead times and minimum quantities of a provider. You can customize badges with the brand image of your association and print on plastic cards whenever you need.

pictogram Instant printing

Print all your membership cards at once at the start of the year. Then you can print lost badges and new membership cards instantly on demand.

pictogram Professional image

Printing on plastic cards gives your cards and badges a professional finish, enhancing the image of your club or association.

pictogram Low investment for small budgets

Badgy is the most affordable all-in-one solution for plastic card printing on the market: reduced cost per card, no need to manage suppliers, and no lead times. Print your badges as you need them – as single cards or in small batches.

They tested badgy

“ The Badgy printer has saved us a considerable amount of time and is really flexible to use. I can print all my cards with just one click. ”

Ms. Durand, CFA d'Angers (apprenticeship training center), France

"As well as being good value for money, the printer is very easy to use and it makes our card production process much more flexible"

Steven Guédeau, Sales director of Fountaine Pajot

Personalized membership cards