Food labeling on plastic cards in lufthansa staff restaurants

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Food labels issued with plastic card printers

Every day, around 26,000 international employees get refreshment at the 18 staff restaurants of the Lufthansa group. The food labels are created using Evolis plastic card printers.





Signs for dishes in staff restaurantsThe challenge: harmonizing the food labeling in the staff restaurants of Lufthansa

LZ-Catering GmbH is headquartered in Hamburg and was founded in 1993 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG in order to run the group's staff restaurants. Today LZ-Catering employs around 430 people.

Detailed labeling of the dishes with allergens, ingredients, additives, and prices was implemented in LZ-Catering's staff restaurants long before the introduction of the European INCO Regulation on the labeling of foodstuffs.

However, the food labels were previously printed on A4 paper or written on small pieces of paper and then laminated. These needed to be changed on a daily basis and were not very hygienic or esthetically pleasing.


Dessert buffet labeled with plastic card printedThe solution: Hygienic food labels printed on plastic cards

At the start of 2015, the LZ-Catering management decided to seek a more hygienic solution for its food labeling with a standardized design, which would allow the food to be presented in an accurate and easily legible way.

The IT department was tasked with contacting specialists in this area. After evaluating several options, they opted for the Badgy plastic card printer from Evolis. Plastic cards are particularly suitable for corporate catering, as they are durable, washable, easy to manage, and look professional.

Badgy is an all-in-one badge issuance solution that comes with card personalization software, a library of card designs and consumables.




Presentation labels for buffet in a staff restaurant

The benefits: Food labels for the dishes in the staff restaurants printed “just-in-time”

For Alexander Schmidt, a buyer at LZ-Catering, the key benefits lie primarily in the price/performance ratio and in the simple operation of the printers. All employees were able to familiarize themselves with the Evolis system without time-consuming and expensive training.

"The printers are small and mobile and have a good price/performance ratio. They have worked flawlessly since they were introduced in April 2015," explains Schmidt.

Every week in the staff cafeterias, 50 to 60 new cards are printed in black and white or color. They contain information about the price, ingredients, allergens, and additives, as well as notices about religious and dietary requirements.



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