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badges visiteurs personnalisés

"Thanks to Badgy, we have been able to quickly hand personalized badges to each participants. Easy to use and efficient : we are very pleased with this card printing solution" Vanessa Obadia, The French Junior Chamber of Commerce

Annual passes personalized for the Fréjus Zoo

“Badgy is ideal for the Zoo: Our card-printing requirements are simple and low volume.”

Guy Masquefa, Fréjus Zoo director

Personalized access badge for a coworking space

I print around 50 color badges per month with photo ID and a QR code. I’ve been using the Badgy printer for two months now and I’m very pleased with it”

Laure Hazebrouck - Le Loft

Badgy - Sample cards Visiting angels in situ

“I recommend this solution to other in-home care providers like ours” declares Emiley Stevens.

Dishes labeled with plastic card

"The printers are small and mobile and have a good price/performance ratio”

Alexander Schmidt, purchaser at LZ-Catering.

personalized embership Card

“ Since we started using Badgy, it has been much easier to manage our membership. The plastic card strengthens the sense of belonging to the club. It has also been received as a sign of quality and professionalism. ”

David Deshaies, les Ducs d'Angers

Identifying participants and controlling access

"We chose an approach which is both attractive and ecological, as plastic badges are much easier to reuse than paper ones." 

Sébastien Hoeltgen, Corporate Event Specialist at Lombard International Assurance.

The service card in plastic printed with Badgy

 "Thanks to the Badgy card printers, we can work faster and are totally independent of external service providers. It is easy to use and gives a very reliable indication of the ribbon's level of use," explains Mr. Kunath.

Badgy in situ at ESPL Educational Establishment

"It's a practical and economical solution, adapted to our constraints, which are responsiveness and flexibility. I also like the infinite possibilities in terms of graphic design and templates."

"We are satisfied with the high cost-performance ratio of BADGY200. It can meet our requirements in terms of the number of cards issued, and we can personalize the designs on every card. BADGY200 is compact and simple and easy to use."

Luan Hong, Dean of Academy 
UNSA Success Story

"The credit card format is one of the major advantages of this printer, as the cards easily fit into a wallet,"

Luc Atlan, treasurer of the UNSA airport union.

Badges personnalisés pour ses 150 membres d'une ong

"We chose a plastic card printer because the cardboard badges didn't look durable enough to us,"

José Cabrera, President AGCS

Personalized membership cards

"As well as being good value for money, the printer is very easy to use and it makes our card production process much more flexible"

Steven Guédeau, Sales director of Fountaine Pajot

They tested badgy

“ Very easy to use. The badges can be personalized in an infinite number of ways, which means that each year we can change the logo or the background, etc. ”

Youth Services for Bois d'Arcy council in France.

"The printers are small and mobile and have a good price/performance ratio”

Alexander Schmidt, purchaser at LZ-Catering.