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Published 06/30/2014
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The Bois d’Arcy City Council youth center draws its members together with a wide and varied choice of activities, from tag graffiti to music to board games and a whole toy and game library. This is not just a youth club: it’s a federation! To give the center a visible identity and simplify the administrative aspect, this youth activities department created an ID card for its 250 annual members. No ordinary membership card, it gives young people a tangible sign of belonging. For the organizers, being able to manage memberships and print badges with Office Card or Evolis Badge Studio keeps them constantly up-to-date.

  • Why did they buy a card printer?
  • What are the cards used for?
  • What was the benefit to them?

Why did they buy a card printer?

The youth activities department needed to buy a card printer to simplify their administrative processes. Previously they used paper cards and computer files that were difficult to update. They had a problem tracking their membership base throughout the year and from one year to another. Now they have all their members listed in an Excel file and always know which activities they are enrolled in.

What are the cards used for?

The cards prove that they are members of the Youth Activities department. The children show their cards to register for activities offered by the department. They cannot participate in an outing if they do not have their cards. The cards also let the counsellors check that the children are registered and that their information is up to date (medical certificate, photo, registration). With 250 to 300 members, it is sometimes difficult for the organizers to remember all the children’s faces. Using the card they can check at a glance that the child is a member of the organization and that their registration is valid.

What was the benefit to them?

This system allows them to manage the cards via an Excel file in just a few clicks; “When you know how to use Excel, you know how to use the Badgy printer” says Y. Lamothe, in charge of the Bois d’Arcy City Council youth activities department. They simply add the names and photos of the children and they change the design of the card every year, for easy member identification.

In addition, the thick, laminated card is a membership card the children can be proud of. From one year to the next they keep their cards as souvenirs, and “I’m sure that, in five years’ time, the kids will be really happy to come across their old cards again!”  says Y. Lamothe with pride.




Y. Lamothe, in charge of the Bois d’Arcy City Council youth activities department, tells us in the video why they created this card and how they went about it.

This video is in French. For subtitles, click on “play”, then click the “cc” button and choose your language.




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