Student Cards at Angers CFA

Published 06/30/2014
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The CFA at Angers equipped itself with a Badgy card printer to create the ID cards of its 250 students – and this will soon be extended to lecturers and assistants at the training centre.

  • How did they go about doing this?
  • What was the benefit to them?

How did they go about doing this?

The Regional Council of Pays de la Loire and the Ministry of National Education have jointly defined the design of student identification cards in Pays de la Loire. The personal data of all the students (details and photos) are stored in the school’s CRM. From these two elements, Ms Durand, executive assistant in charge of printing student cards, can quickly issue all the student IDs. Simply by merging two Excel files, she merges the badge design and the student data.

What was the benefit to them?

“For me, the Badgy solution represents a considerable saving in terms of time, as well as a great deal of flexibility; I am now able to issue students with cards in the second week of term, whereas it used to take more than a month.”

Previously, Ms Durand had to print the cards on paper, cut them out and laminate them one by one. The students didn’t get their cards until the end of the first quarter. Now, during the first week of classes, students have their cards in hand and can enjoy the benefits.
Madame Durand explains in detail how they operate and the benefits she got from the Badgy card printer.



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