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Published 06/19/2014
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NPS 49 is a security and remote monitoring company. Their main activity involves monitoring remote construction sites like highways and bridges.
Since 2009, security guards are required by law to wear ID badges (Decree No. 2009-137). Guards must show authorities or clients a badge with their full name, photo, professional ID number and the name and official authorization of their employer.

How did they go about complying with the law?


At first they used laminated paper cards printed one at a time on demand. Then they went with the Badgy card printing solution. With Office-Card, the card printing software supplied with the printer, they add the names and identification of all the security guards. Depending on the site where the guards are working, they can change the background photo on the badge to correspond to their clients. This way, they always know which guard is on which site.




Mr. Beaucourt, CEO of NPS49 explains here how did they do to print the ID badge for their employees.

This video is in French. For subtitles, click on “play”, then click the “cc” button and choose your language.

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