Accreditation Management for concerts and festivals

Published 06/30/2014
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When organising a festival, it is important to be able to identify people, so as to extend the best possible welcome to them. In order to facilitate accreditation management for all participants, the Badgy solution is a simple, fast and effective way of printing badges for them.

First of all, a few good questions to ask yourself prior to creating an event badge:

  • How many people are expected to attend the event?
  • What types of people will be participating in this event (artists, press, organisers, volunteers, security staff, festival-goers, etc.)
  • How many people per category will need to be identified by a badge?
  • Which information should be shown on the badge (name, category, photo, date(s)…)? Should the badge be one-sided or two-sided?
  • Should the badge include a barcode?
  • Should the badge be worn and visible?
  • Will the badges be recovered at the end of the event?
  • How much is the accreditation management budget?
  • Will a ready-to-personalise design be suitable for your event?


The Badgy solution

Once you have decided up and classified the people to be identified, you should create your badge. Ideally, you should use colour codes to differentiate between participant types. The Office-Card or Evolis Badge Studio solution supplied with the printer is Excel-based. This solution allows you to design your badge directly in Excel, and to import your contact lists. From there, you can print your series of badges very easily.


backstage badge press access badge

Badgy solution plus points

The plastic card is the most suitable format for event badges.

  • It makes it easy to identify people
  • It helps make the flow of people through the various types of access more fluid: thanks to clear design, those in charge of access can identify people in the blink of an eye, and then easily direct them.
  • Decentralised and instant badge printing: thanks to the Badgy solution, you can take your card printer with you and move it around as required, providing an instant response.
  • A sturdy format: because the plastic card is so strong, the badge can be kept and will remain in good condition throughout the duration of the festival – and even long afterwards.
  • Fast and inexpensive: a card is printed in 40 seconds and costs just a few euro cents. Once the card is printed, it is immediately operational – there is no need for any cutting out or plasticizing process.

Simple, easy and fast, the Badgy printer will ensure your badges are high-quality and durable. The Badgy card printer will be a really good help with accreditation management.



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