Choosing to create your own student cards on plastic cards means:

  • Security and durability

    • Security: manage access more easily, identify students
    • Durable medium that doesn't get crumpled or torn
    • Medium that is difficult to forge
  • Instant printing

    • No supplier lead times or minimum order quantity of badges
    • Speed: print a badge in less than a minute
    • Time saving: print all your badges at the start of the year, in just a few clicks

Badgy: the solution for printing
student cards for your establishment

The Badgy solution allows you to create and print student cards easily and quickly on plastic cards in photo quality and color. This solution includes:

How does it work?

pictogram Printing on demand

Produce all your badges at once at the start of the year. Then you can print lost student cards and cards for new arrivals instantly on demand.

pictogram Secure your premises

By choosing a plastic card, you make your badges harder to forge. Heighten security by checking the identity of everyone who enters your premises.

pictogram Multi-purpose cards

Student cards can fulfill several functions, such as access control, library, and cafeteria management, to make life easier for your students and the teaching body.