Visitor Badges

Buy a Badgy for instant printing of personalized, professional-quality visitor badges.

Do you receive visitors regularly? Get Badgy to instantly print personalized visitor badges of professional quality. This will enhance your brand image and ensure the security of your premises.

The Badgy solution has everything you need to print personalized visitor badges on the spot, with a professional finish:

  • A plastic-card printer
  • A color printing ribbon and blank PVC cards
  • Badge personalization software
  • Access to our library of card templates

The Badgy pack allows you to:

  • Promote your brand: visitor badges are the first impression given of your company. A well-presented, original badge will enhance your company's image
  • Secure your premises: personalized visitor badges allow your staff to identify visitors in an instant
  • Be efficient: visitor badges are ready in a matter of minutes, and can be handed to the person immediately


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