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Published 06/30/2014
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Collège de Torfou (49 – Maine et Loire – France): this secondary school has equipped itself with a Badgy card printer for production of the student badges used as ID both for access to school meals and for managing loans from the library.

How did they go about printing the student cards?

From the school’s database software, Mr Avril, school librarian, extracts the name, class and student borrower number and merges his database with Office-Card, the printing software supplied with the Badgy card printer. Then he adds the school’s logo, the student’s photo and a different background colour depending on the grade level.

What was the benefit to you?

The Badgy card printer has two main advantages: speed and durability. Compared to the previous system of printing on cardboard, cutting and laminating one by one, this solution has enabled the school to quickly provide the students with cards that last all year long.

« It’s now easy for us to print out the 370 badges we need for our students every year, as well as to guarantee their effectiveness and robustness. » explains Mr Avril, the school librarian

Mr Avril, the school librarian, explains to us how he prints over 300 badges every year, using Badgy card printer.

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