With Badgy, everything is included in the box

...even the first consumables!

badgy solution

The software to create and
personalize your badges
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The card printer
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The consumables for
immediate printing
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... and even more More +

Top speed

Your first badge is ready
in 15 minutes!


Install your printer

Connect two cables, install the software, and start using your Badgy printer!


Choose a badge design

Using the card template library, download the card template that is right for you free of charge


Personalize your badge

Use the Evolis Badge Studio software to personalize your cards and badges in just a few clicks


Print it

Your badge is printed on a plastic card in less than a minute!

Ready to use the Badgy solution?
It's easy, just click on the button

Simple and powerful software

...designing your badges has never been this easy!

Badgy comes with Badge Studio software, the indispensable tool for creating and printing your badges!

More +

  • Create your perfect badge: add text, photos, images, and even barcodes.
  • Your time is precious, select the option to import a database: no need to re-enter the information for each badge, just import your data once for every batch, print, and it will be automatically personalized!
  • And yes, the software is compatible with Mac & PC!

Badge designs

...badge ideas to help you, available to download free of charge

sample cards

Because not everyone is a graphic artist, Badgy offers dozens of badge designs to download free on badgy.com

More +

A wide range of designs for every business sector:

  • Employee badge design
  • Loyalty card design
  • School ID card design
  • Membership card design…

These designs are adaptable: you can change everything! Add your logo, a different background, change the text.. yes, we have thought of everything!

A card printer

badgy card printer

...it's not rocket science, instead of paper, you can print your cards on plastic

Badgy prints your badges in color, in a professional quality and what's more, you print the badges you want, when and where you want!

More +

  • Badgy is simple to use: it has a notification system to communicate with you. For example, it lets you know if it needs a new ribbon 
  • Badgy is quick. And that's not just an empty promise – in our tests, it prints a color badge in less than a minute.
  • Ergonomic, attractive and portable, the Badgy printer can be discreetly placed in the office
  • And what's more, it's compatible with Mac & PC

2 models available
pick yours !


... all you need is included in the box

consumable kit

PVC Plastic cards and Full color ribbon cassettes will help you get started printing your customized badges!

More +

  • Get printing immediately, consumables are included in the box
  • The ribbon cassette is installed very easily
  • Need more consumables? Our Badgy consumable kits are easy to find and contain all you need to print up to 100 badges!

Choose the Badgy package to suit your needs

Print single cards


Choose the Badgy100 range for:

  • One-off card printing needs
  • Printing personalized badges on demand
  • Printing badges with a white margin?Badgy100 prints your cards with a white margin of 1.35 mm at the edge of the card and a color backgroundbadge with margin

Printing cards in batches


Choose the Badgy200 range for:

  • Printing dozens or hundreds of cards in one go
  • Import databases (.csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx) with the Evolis Badge Studio + including
  • Print cards and badges in mail-merge mode
  • Print cards and badges in edge-to-edge mode?Badgy200 prints your cards with or without margins, the entire card surface is printedbadge without margin

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