Choosing to create your own library cards on plastic cards means:

  • Easier management

    • Identification of users with a color photo
    • Addition of barcodes to the cards to help track borrowing
    • Durable medium that doesn't get crumpled or torn
  • Instant printing

    • No supplier lead times or minimum order quantity of badges
    • Speed: print a badge in less than a minute
    • Time saving: print all your badges at the start of the year, in just a few clicks

Badgy: the solution for printing
your library cards

The Badgy solution allows you to create and print personalized library cards easily and quickly on plastic cards in photo quality and color. This solution includes:

How does it work?

pictogram Easily identify your users

By using plastic badges, you can easily add a color photo and a barcode so that you can track borrowing and prevent fraud more effectively.

pictogram Choose the best priced solution on the market

With the Badgy solution, you can reduce your cost per card and get a quick return on investment by printing all the types of cards your organization needs.

pictogram Produce badges with total independence

Stop depending on suppliers and keeping library users waiting: customize and print your own cards whenever you need.