Evolis Badge Studiosimple and intuitive software

…professional custom-made badges

Badgy helps you create badges by yourself. 

To make sure that they're just as perfect
as those made by professionals,
we have developed our software
to help you create and customize your badges!


There's no need to be an expert
to use Evolis Badge Studio

All areas of the badge can be edited

... make as many changes as you want! 

Evolis badge studio

Evolis Badge Studio will help you
create the badge you want 

Let yourself be guided
to create and personalize your badge

... in a matter of minutes!

■ Customize free existing models
More +

You'll find models for a variety of sectors included in the software or available for free download on our website. Change them as much as you want!

■ Create your own badge from a blank document
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Intuitive, the software allows you to add all the elements you need: photos, texts, images, barcodes,...

■ Benefit from all the functionalities of a simple and intuitive software
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Evolis Badge Studio offers an ergonomic interface that allows you to manage both your badge design and all of its information at a glance. You can also lock your card designs to avoid errors or benefit from a wizard for manual printing of double-sided cards on the Badge Studio + version.

Evolis Badge Studio+: your time is precious!

Import your databases

…click, import, print in batches

You've got several dozens members or clients? Don't deal with them one at a time!

You can do better than that:

  • The + version of the software allows you to import CSV, TXT, ACCESS, XLS, and XLSX formats for direct use in the software!
  • Using your design, Badge Studio + automatically personalizes your badges for everyone in your database
  • Need a unique badge or one for everyone in your database: select the data required and print!
  • The software allows you to manage duplicates when reimporting information from databases.




Make life easier and save time


Buy the Badgy solution!



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