The UNSA SERVAIR Union Produces Innovative Membership Cards

Logo UNSA Servair

The French national union for airport assistance, UNSA Servair, brings together several union branches at the Roissy and Orly airports. All members have a membership card produced with the Badgy200 plastic card printer.  




The innovative plastic membership card

The UNSA IT team used to create cardboard membership cards and then laminate them. But the cards were not very durable and lacked an important ID element: a photo of the member.  In 2016, the team decided to improve the appearance of the cards with an ID photo of each member. The IT engineer looked online for a new all-in-one solution to create and print cards. The Badgy solution by Evolis attracted his attention and it's been set up in the Roissy offices since November 2016.





A card printer that is easy to use

Several hundred cards will have to be produced per year. "It was really easy to set up," says Luc Atlan, treasurer of the UNSA airport union, "and it comes with a practical database." The Badgy200 card printer was designed for professional-quality color printing of moderate volumes.

The double-sided membership card is printed in color with the UNSA logo, the joining date, the name of the member and the company they work for, and of course their photo.

The goal of a more durable, innovative card with a photo to better identify the member has been achieved.



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