Personalized Name Badges for Fountaine Pajot

Fountaine Pajot logo

Personalized badge production for the dealers and members of the Fountaine Pajot club

To promote its image with the publication of boat owner cards and for its annual dealers' convention, the catamaran builder Fountaine Pajot is producing membership cards and badges using the Badgy printer from Evolis.


Printing name badges on plastic cards for the annual convention and the owners' club

Fountaine Pajot has been designing and building cruising catamarans in Poitou-Charentes since 1976. The world-leading company is listed on the Paris stock exchange and now employs 500 people.

Every year, the sales managers arrange a convention with around 100 owners. It needed fast production of name badges for the convention without compromising on quality.

Regarding its owners' club, also in the midst of expansion, the company used to subcontract the production of its membership cards. This solution was not very responsive.



Personalized ID badges on plastic cards using the Badgy printer

In early 2016, the sales managers decided to buy a Badgy printer at a local reseller, in order to switch to a more flexible and professional method of badge production.  

Badgy is an all-in-one solution for badge production with customization software, and access to a library of cards and consumables.

The Fountaine Pajot badges are understated and elegant: they have the company logo, the name and membership number, or the company name of the dealer.



Fast and easy membership card customization for the Fountaine Pajot club and name badges for its conventions

"As well as being good value for money, the printer is very easy to use and it makes our card production process much more flexible," noted Steven Guédeau, Sales director of Fountaine Pajot.


He estimates that they need to print 300 badges this year.

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