Personalized badges for a secure access to coworking spaces in Rennes

Logo Le Loft coworking space

Ensure a secure and permanent access to the premises thanks to a personalized badge

France is home to an increasing number of coworking spaces. The concept allows workers to escape the potential isolation of working alone and facilitates talk among fellow residents. The main attraction is that workers benefit from a company office environment without having to commit to a long-term rent.







Controlling access to a coworking space with badges printed on plastic cards

Badges d'accès pour le co working de rennes

In February 2016, Laure Haezebrouck opened Le Loft, a coworking space of 300 m² in the very heart of Rennes. The premises house individual offices, open-plan workstations and meeting rooms that can be rented by the hour, the week or the month. Coworkers use their rented desk whenever it suits them, 24/7. Le Loft is accessed by personalized badge with a QR code that is read by badge readers installed inside the building.






The Badgy card printer personalizes and prints access badges

Offering workers permanent, secure, controlled electronic access to the premises was a top priority for Laure Hazebrouck when she created Le Loft.

She found outside firms too expensive and their response time too slow. So she looked up “badge printer” on the Internet and quickly located Evolis’ Badgy card printer. Badgy is an all-in-one badge issuance solution that comes with card personalization software, a library of card designs and consumables.

It is the perfect package for small businesses or associations.


The printing of access badges on the spot is time saving

In just minutes, Laure Hazebrouck can create and print access badges on the spot by simply entering new members’ personal details and photo ID in her PC.

L'impression des badges grâce à l'imprimante à cartes Badgy“The printer is well priced given the number of cards I can print off. I print around 50 color badges per month with photo ID and a QR code. I’ve been using the Badgy printer for two months now and I’m very pleased with it,” says Laure Hazebrouck.  


Le Loft already rents to 30 businesses from a diversity of sectors.


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