Fitness chain in china issues membership cards

Dinglong Fitness chain in the city of Dalian (China) uses Evolis Badgy100 in its seven stores to create and print fitness cards for its members.

The personalized membership card not only helps the club to identify and register member information quickly, but also effectively prevents a card being used by non-authorized persons.

Personalized cards with ID photo

Dinglong Fitness Chain is a popular fitness institution with more than 20 stores in six cities in China.

In 2017 the seven stores in Dalian have started to use Badgy100 card printers to issue fitness cards on-site and in real-time for its members.
In the past, Dinglong Fitness Chain issued a card with a unique barcode for each member but without an ID photo.

This resulted into cards being fraudulently lent to non-members. In order to verify the identification of the cardholder, each fitness club had to scan the barcode on the card and then the photo would be displayed on the computer screen at the reception.

However, the software ran slowly and it took time to display the photo. Now the card contains not only a personal ID number but also the photo of the member, there is no need any more to wait for the system to scan through the entire member database.

Membership cards created and printed within minutes 

When a member pays the membership fees, the receptionist will take a photo and create the card for the member on-site.

A photo, name, card number and other personalized information are printed on the card.

When a member comes to the club, the receptionist can identify the member quickly thanks to the photo, which effectively prevents the card being used by others.


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