Tips for the creation and management of student cards

Published 06/19/2014
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Student cards are part and parcel of life for both pupils and non-teaching staff in schools.
Indeed, these student cards are not just used to secure concessionary prices at cinemas and museums. They are also an important way of identifying everyone present in a school – pupils, teachers, senior staff and even visitors. Knowing who is in a school is primordial to guaranteeing people’s safety.

By facilitating identification of all these people, the Badgy solution will be a true ally – as it will in the creation and production of all your badges.
Here are a few recommendations for the creation of your badges:

Integration of a name and photo:

Student cards and employee cards should include a fairly big photo of the individual, as well as their forename, surname and the section to which they belong. Thanks to the inclusion of these elements, it will be quick and easy to see whether students and staff are really supposed to be within the school buildings.

One colour code per category, class, level or building:

Another tip which makes it easy to identify the individuals within an establishment is to use colour codes according to the type of people. This enables visual identification of the student’s year group, or whether someone is a visitor or member of the non-teaching staff. Where access is restricted, colour codes can quickly indicate which buildings people have access to.

Create visitor badges:

Identification of visitors is an important aspect in guaranteeing the safety of a school;
To do this, we recommend the creation of an easily-recognisable design for the identification badges of your students and employees. A ‘V’ for Visitor, covering most of the card’s surface will allow you to instantly identify the presence of a visitor.

Next, the challenge is to encourage everyone to wear their badges.

Make it useful for another application – such as the library, canteen or conferences, for example.

Our team of experts is available to offer guidance and support in the production of your badges.



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