The PC Expert magazine has tested the Badgy200 card printer

Published 01/21/2015
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PC Expert's opinion on the Badgy200 printer

"Very user-friendly, the Evolis badge printer is suitable for a wide range of professional uses" PC Expert

The LABO – First Tests section from the December 2014 edition of magazine PC Expert gives pride of place to the Badgy200 card printer, naming it the "Editor's Choice," and highlighting the Badgy200 printer's potential areas of use: "associations, local authorities, educational institutions, clubs, and even companies, for loyalty cards."


impression sur cartes plastique

A simple solution for printing on PVC cards

The team's testers especially highlight the printer's convenience as well as the quality finish of the printed badges on a plastic card:


  • Much simpler and faster than creating badges by hand on paper: the first and last names are nearly always placed in the same place, the writing is more or less beautiful, and the cuts are predetermined, to name a few of the advantages.
  • Users are ecstatic to receive such lovely badges: a simple way of promoting yourself


In addition to these benefits, the editor also highlights the easy installation and use which shatters the taboo: no, it is not complicated to print your own badges on a plastic card!

  • Installing the printer barely takes a few minutes
  • The printer's speed of 95 badges an hour is one of the printer's strong points


Finally, the article focuses on Evolis Badge Studio+, the software for creating badges:

  • Its basic functions mean it is easy to insert images, photos, text, and barcodes
  • You can even import databases in the following different formats: CVS, Excel, and Access.


As a reminder, the Badgy200 solution is an office peripheral made up of a PVC card printer, 100 laminated cards, a color printing ribbon, and a CD-ROM containing the badge creation software Evolis Badge Studio+. 


More information on the PVC card printing solution

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