Badgy200 in "Perspectives Entrepreneurs"

Published 11/04/2014
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Just released on the market, the new Badgy200 printing solution has already got people talking.

In its October 2014 publication, the « Perspectives Entrepreneurs » magazine from CGPME features the card printer in the section "The editors tested".

Don't wait to discover the views of these professionals!

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"Perspectives Entrepreneurs" highlights all the advantages of the Badgy200 PVC card printing solution, designed to make life easier for smaller businesses:

  • Create your own badges easily by yourself
  • At the lowest cost
  • With all the accessories needed to begin included in the box
  • Simple software
  • A compact card printer

A fun piece of equipment which is accessible to everyone, the Badgy card printer offers SMEs an inexpensive and ready-to-use solution for "publishing genuine access control cards for your business premises or badges for a one-off event."


Learn more about the Badgy plastic card printing solution.



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