New features on the Evolis Badge Studio Software

Published 05/30/2016
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New features on the Evolis Badge Studio Software

Badgy is pleased to announce a new release of its card designer software Evolis Badge Studio and Evolis Badge Studio+ which include new features.

10-record internal mini-database (Evolis Badge Studio)

The standard version of the software, which comes with Badgy 100, now allows you to store up to 10 entries in an internal mini-database. In case you just have a few contacts to manage, you will save time by recalling data instead of entering it every time you need to issue a new badge.

In case you need to manage more contacts, Badgy offers the upgrade coupon to Badge Studio +, available from your Badgy reseller.

Multiple Select and Delete in the database (Evolis Badge Studio +)

You can now select multiple entries in the database to launch a print job or delete the entries, instead of doing it one by one.

Production mode (Evolis Badge Studio +)

The interface now separates the Design Mode from the Production mode. In most cases, once the design is done, users don’t need to access the design features anymore and just need to select entries in the database and launch a print job.
The production mode is a simplified interface to edit and print from the database in just a few clicks.
It prevents the risk of unwillingly modifying the template and facilitates the badge issuance process.


Signature Capture (Evolis Badge Studio +)

Evolis Badge Studio Plus is now compatible with digital Evolis digital signature pads SIG 100 and SIG 200.  A convenient way to acquire signatures, store them in the database and apply them on the design of the card.


Benefit from these new features now – Download the Evolis Badge Studio Release


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