Published 05/30/2016
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Badgy is pleased to announce a new release of its card designer software Evolis Badge Studio and Evolis Badge Studio+ which include new features.

10-record internal mini-database (Evolis Badge Studio)

Published 02/23/2016
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We recommend that you clean your printer once a year to ensure high quality printing. More frequent cleaning may be required if your printer is in a dusty location or after a long period of inactivity.


Several cleaning kits are available for this:

Published 09/08/2015
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The extended warranty contract provides the cover you're looking for to guarantee optimum performance of your Badgy printer, long after the initial warranty period has expired.   The standard warranty period for your Badgy is one year. This covers the repair of your printer and its return from the workshop. You are responsible for the cost of delivery to the workshop.  

Published 09/04/2015
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Buy an upgrade coupon, enter the activation code, and enjoy all the time-saving features of Badge Studio +.

Enjoy unlimited records in an internal database With Badge Studio +, you have an internal database. Save the data you've entered and reprint a lost or stolen badge in a matter of minutes.