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Answers to the most frequently asked questions - Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Badgy, Badgy100, Badgy200, Evolis Badge Studio, and Office Cards
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What is a driver?

A driver is a computer program,  hardware-dependent and operating-system
Specific, that allows a hardware device to communicate with a computer.

A driver acts like a translator between the device and programs that use the printer.
Each device has its own set of specialized commands that only its driver knows.

From the driver properties, you will find the possibilities to set ribbon type,
orientation (portrait or landscape), printing rotation (to print a card with a 180° angle) and the number of printouts. Your driver has a printing option for black characters. Such characters are useful if you want to print barcodes with software other than Office Cards.

badgy screenshot

The drivers also sends internal notifications and data from the printer. The driver must be installed prior to the first use of the printer and must be compatible with the operating system. 

How can I tell which version of the printer driver I have in Windows?

To know the driver version in use by the computer, you can open the Badgy Identification card.

There are two ways to access this ID card :

  1.     Double-click on the Printer Manager icon (located at the bottom of your screen, in the notification zone).
  2.     Right-click on the Printer Manager icon to get the menu panel (see below) and select Identification card.

What settings of the computer should I check before installing a driver?

Before starting an Badgy driver installation, make sure you are logged-in with ADMINISTRATOR rights, or else the computer will turn down the driver's installation. 

Which operating systems are supported by Badgy?

Drivers for Badgy are available for the following platforms:

  •     Windows XP
  •     Windows Vista (32 & 64-bits)
  •     Windows 7, 8 (32 & 64 bits)
  •     Mac OS 10.8

Problems installing Badgy on Windows (Printer detected as "Unspecified")

During the install process it sometimes gets placed in the “Unspecified” folder of the printer menu and the Badgy icon gets stuck initializing.  The solution to this issue is pretty simple:

  • Right click Badgy icon in "Unspecified folder"
  • Choose "Troubleshoot"
  • After it runs diagnostic click "Apply This Fix"
  • The printer should successfully install.

If the problem persists, please call your Badgy reseller/distributor for assistance.

I have an error message when installing my Badgy printer on USB 3.0 port, what should I do?

The USB port versions 1.0 to 3.0 are compatible with Badgy. If you have any printer driver installation problems with a USB port 3.0, please contact your Badgy reseller/distributor.

Click here to update your firmware.

Where can I find drivers?

 All the Badgy drivers can be found on the CD-ROM provided with the printer or download from our web site

How do I update the Badgy printer firmware on a Mac?

  1. Download the firmware file (Badgy_1031.firm) to your hard disk from the Downloads area on the Badgy website.
  2. Connect your printer to your computer and switch it on.
  3. Click the menu ⌘ | System Preferences | Printers & Scanners.
  4. Select the "Evolis Badgy" printer and click "Options & Supplies."
  5. Click the "Utility tab", then the "Open Printer Utility" button.
  6. Click the "Upgrade" button.
  7. Click the file downloaded to your hard drive, then click "Open".
  8. The on-off switch on the control panel should flash during the firmware update. (Do not switch off the printer)

copie ecran badgy

How can I tell which version of the printer driver I have on a Mac?

  1. Click the menu "⌘ | System Preferences | Printers & Scanners"
  2. Select the "Evolis Badgy" printer.
  3. Note the version of the "Evolis Badgy Card Printer CUPS"

copie eran badgy

How do I install my Badgy printer on a Mac?

Before installing a Badgy driver, you must be logged in with administrator rights, otherwise the computer may not carry out the installation.


  1. Download the Mac driver from the support section on the website.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file –
  3. Run the file EvolisCardPrinter- and follow the installation instructions.
  4. Connect the Badgy printer to a free USB port on your Mac computer.
  5. Switch on the Badgy printer.
  6. Open the "Printers & Scanners" menu. Click the menu ⌘ | System Preferences | Printers & Scanners.
  7. Click the + button to add a new printer.
  8. Select "Evolis Badgy" in the printer list.
  9. From the menu "USE – Choose a Driver," click the "Select Software" option
  10. In the list which appears, select the "Evolis Badgy Card Printer CUPS" driver in the language of your choice.
  11. Confirm by clicking "OK," then "Add


My printer driver settings are not saved on a Mac

On a Mac, the print settings are automatically reset to the default values. To avoid having to choose specific options (ribbon type, brightness/contrast, etc.) every time you print, you can save your settings.
In the print manager, having changed the options to suit your purpose, click the "Presets" | "Save as" menu and specify a name to save your settings.
You can then select these settings directly from the list.
You can also select the option "Save Current Settings as Preset" to print using the settings previously defined.