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Answers to the most frequently asked questions - Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Badgy, Badgy100, Badgy200, Evolis Badge Studio, and Office Cards
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How do I use Badge Studio?

Please refer to the software User Guide and  Watch the how-to videos.

Can Badgy print on both sides of the card?

The Badgy printer is a single-sided printer, with no flip-over feature. After printing the front side, cards can be returned manually into the feeder to print on their reverse side.

What is the print resolution of the printer?

The print resolution is 300 dpi (11.8 pts/mm).

What types of Bar codes can be printed with the printer?

Any type of barcode generated by an application can be printed. The printer will therefore print any barcode available in this application’s library.
Download the barcode font package.

LED(s) of the control panel are on. What does it mean?

The “User’s Guide” provides you a clear explanation of every LED on the control panel.

This guide is available on the Evolis CD-ROM shipped with the printer, or, it can also be downloaded from our website. 

What is the memory capacity of the main board?

The memory capacity of the main board is 16 Megabytes of Random Access Memory (16 MB RAM). 

I have another question not listed in this section.

Please directly contact your Badgy reseller/distributor 

How to find the printer serial number?

2 Ways:

  1.     By displaying the printer ID Card (For Windows only). 
  2.     By looking at the sticker on the back of the printer

No LED is on, including the power button. What should I do?

If no LED light is on, including the power button, please check the following points:

If you still have the same glitch even after following these points, please contact your Badgy reseller or distributor.    

  1. Is the power supply connected to a live electrical wall socket?
  2. Are you using the power supply provided with your Badgy printer? 
  3. Is the power supply faulty? (The power supply displays a green light when it operates properly).
  4. Is the power supply suitably connected to the printer?

Which barcodes can be printed?

Any barcodes generated by an application can be printed.

All the barcodes in the library of this application can therefore be printed.

Download the barcode font pack.