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I have some colors spots all over the card. What can I do?

This may happen if some dust is present on the card surface or in the printer.

The print head and the ribbon are in contact with the card those parts have to be dust free.

Make sure your cards and the ribbon are stored in a dust free environment.

Do not touch the printable surface of the cards as this could affect the print quality. You can also clean the printer to improve the print quality.

Please watch the tutorials.

I have a white margin on all my printed cards, can I reduce it?

No, the white margins (min is 1.4mm) from the printed cards’ edge are normal with the Badgy printer. It is not possible at all to reduce it completely.

I have one or multiple horizontal white lines on my printed cards. What can I do?

White lines on the printed cards mean that the print head is unable to heat the ribbon in this zone: the ink cannot be diffused/applied correctly onto the card surface. This issue may arise from a dirty or faulty print head. Clean the print head.

If cleaning of the print head does not clear this defect, please contact your Badgy reseller/distributor.