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Answers to the most frequently asked questions - Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Badgy, Badgy100, Badgy200, Evolis Badge Studio, and Office Cards
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Can I use a generic ribbon?

ONLY Badgy ribbons are guaranteed to print correctly.

The use of generic ribbons may lead to printing problems. This also voids the printer warranty.

No technical support will be available if generic ribbons are used.

I have a ribbon cutting issue (Ribbon cutting issue pop-up message and/or ribbon cut), What should I do?

If the ribbon has been torn, please check the following:

1. Check that you are using a Badgy ribbon.
2. Check that you are using Evolis plastic cards which meet the specifications for your printer. Badgy takes PVC, PVC composite, PVC laminated, and PET cards.
3. Check that you are using the latest version of the firmware/printer driver for the Badgy printer. Run any updates required using this procedure  "FAQ driver version and firmware".

Please note: You can repair your torn ribbon using a single piece of adhesive tape.

How to configure a monochrome black ribbon?

  1. Open up the Print Options menu:

    From the Start button found bottom-left on the Windows task bar, select "Printers and faxes".

  2. Double-click the printer icon "Evolis Badgy1."
  3. In the "Evolis Badgy1" window, click "Printer", then select "Printing Preferences".
  4. In the "Printing Preferences" window, select "Advanced" in the "Layout" tab.

  5. Under "Document options/Printer features", select "Black" under "Ribbon Type", and click "OK".

My ribbon gets cut. What can I do?

If the ribbon gets cut during the printing process, please check the following points:

  1. Make sure you are using a Badgy original ribbon.
  2. Make sure you are using Badgy plastic cards (which are compliant with the printer requirement). PVC, composite PVC, laminated PVC and PET cards can be used with Badgy.
  3. Clean the printer (see here)
  4. Check if the ribbon is not faulty (replace it with a new one).
  5. If you still have the same issue, please contact your Badgy reseller or contact us.


How can I install a ribbon?

Please consult the user guide on the CD that comes with the printer, or the tutorial  "How to install a ribbon?".

How do I configure a ribbon on a Mac?

You can configure the ribbon type in the document print settings.

  1. In any software, click File | Print menu (or ⌘  + P) to display the print settings window.
  2. Select the Badgy printer.
  3. Check that the paper format is set to "Card". 

badgy copie ecran

  1. Select "Printer Features" in the context menu to access the settings for the Evolis Badgy printer driver.

badgy copie ecran

  1. Select the "General" menu to set the type of ribbon inserted into the printer. 

badgy copie ecran

  1. More options are available from the "Printer Features" menu, such as Brightness/Contrast settings for specific YMC windows. 

badgy copie ecran

  1. Please note that if you do not save the changes made ("Presets" menu), the default settings will be used the next time you print. For more information, please check the FAQ - My print settings on a Mac have not been saved 

My new ribbon is generating an error or is not running smoothly

During packaging or transport operations, the Badgy ribbon spindle may become detached from the main spindle (see the photo below).
If so, simply pressing down with your fingers should return to the spindle to the correct position.

badgy mandrin

How many cards can I print with one Badgy color ribbon?

The Badgy color ribbon (ref. R3811) prints up to 100 cards, single-sided only.
The Badgy black monochrome ribbon (ref. R2811) prints up to 600 cards, single-sided only.