Personalized badges to monitor access

Published 11/07/2014
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Named badges to monitor access to the National Convention of the French Junior Chamber of Commerce. 

Convetion Nationale de la Jeune Chambre

Organizing a national convention for an association involves providing a professional welcome and efficient access control. To identify participants, most associations choose a plastic card.

Beyond its purpose of identifying participants to the organizers, it symbolizes membership of the association and allows members to recognize each other, thus making it easier to meet and discuss issues. 

The French Junior Chamber of Commerce chose instant printing to manage visitor badges for its National Convention.

The challenge

The French Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCEF) is an association of men and women aged 18 to 40 who collaborate to help develop society and individuals by setting up business, social and community projects. 

JCEF is made up of 150 local associations (Local Junior Chambers of Commerce) and 23 regional associations (federations). Each year it organizes a National Convention. The 2014 convention was held in Angers, France.

As the members who organize the event are all volunteers at JCEF alongside their regular jobs, their time is precious and so are the association's coffers!

They therefore had to find a quick, economical solution for printing badges.

The solution


After investigating various badge-printing solutions, JCEF event organizer Vanessa Obadia turned to Badgy.  

Badgy is an all-in-one solution that includes:

  • personalization software,
  • access to a card library,
  • and consumables

An ideal package to meet the needs expressed by the association.

The benefits

It took very little time for Badgy users within the association to get to grips with the solution. They were able to print 450 badges for preregistered individuals in advance from one member's home. They were also able to easily transport Badgy to the event location to print personalized badges immediately for last-minute guests.

"Thanks to Badgy we were able to provide all participants with a personalized badge very quickly. It's easy to use and efficient. We are highly satisfied with this solution." 
Vanessa Obadia, French Junior Chamber of Commerce

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